it would have to be tennyson...

This morning's diaper gym was just swimming along - we had a pretty good turnout, the kids weren't fighting (much) and conversation was flowing.

Then guess whose kid pulled the fire alarm?

Hey, did you guess my kid? Uh, not nice.

Okay, it was Tennyson. He was sitting up on the radiator, and aside from throwing toys, kicking down other kids' block towers and using his horse-head-on-a-stick to sledgehammer stuff he had been pretty good today.

From his spot on the radiator he had a perfect view of this odd little red box attached to the wall, with a very tempting little white handle on it - a little tempting white handle that his little hand fit perfectly around. Suddenly there were sirens going off and scared little kids with their hands over their ears. I realized right away that my kid had pulled the fire alarm - probably because he was sitting on the radiator looking as stunned as could be. I leaped from my chair and ran across the room yelling "No! No! No!"

Did you know that once the lever has been pulled down it can't be pushed back up? Nope, me neither. I tried. It was obvious there was no undoing this little caper. My friend Steph ran into the hall to let the minister know what had happened (we host diaper gym in a hall in a church), and then headed downstairs to let the basement daycare know that the alarm was a false one.

Of course they had already evacuated the building. The whole thing was pretty crazy.

We cleaned up the toys to the music of the blaring alarms, I apologised profusely to the minister working at his desk, no doubt at least a little distracted by the noise, and we left.

The alarms were still going when we walked out the door. Apparently they have to wait for an electrician to come and reset the system.

Anybody know how much that little service call is going to cost me?


Tiffany said…
Oh yes. Sigh.
Tracy said…
I guess it is better than starting a fire
Naomi said…
I pulled the fire alarm at the Austin rink one time. I tried and tried to push it back up but it did not work. If it makes you feel any better, I was probably a lot older than Tennyson is now. :)
Tiffany said…
Way to go! lol
Did you get in big trouble?

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