friday night ramblings

I need some clever Friday blog idea. You know, like Not-Me Monday, or Wordless Wednesday. Alliteration is my friend.

Did you know that Vince Vaugn and all his siblings first names start with V? It's true. Go ahead and google that. I'd google the correct spelling of Vaugn, but I don't care that much.

Stuff that happened this week:
  • a few monster cookies disappeared. It's such a mystery - one minute they were there, the next they weren't. You know what else is cool? That if you buy all the ingredients to make monster cookies and then just leave them in the cupboard, they will make themselves. True story.
  • Zumba!
  • I might have gone for one run.
  • Mitchie didn't pee or poo his pants Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. No accidents. However, if he happened (on a Friday, hypothetically) to leave a puddle on the diaper gym floor, it will instinctively be where all the other little kids just must walk.
  • Play date at a friend's house.
  • Jordan happily told me "Je t'aime Mommy" a few times. See, the French is really paying off!
  • The sisters came over with their menfolk to play a game and drink "chocolate milk" and we laughed until our sides hurt. Those are the best kinds of evenings.
Did I mention that Elliot is crawling? It's insane. It started last week - the army crawl turned into a real crawl. She'll be 8 months next week. The baby gates are back up. It still amazes me to find her down the hall in a place nowhere near where I left her. I'm pretty sure I expected her to be a baby for a little longer. She's sneaky that way.

Jordan used to go into her room to keep Elliot happy when she'd wake up from her nap if I was busy with something. Now she just runs down the hall and comes back a minute later carrying the little pork chop. She thinks if she runs fast enough I'll only catch a glimpse of it before she gets Ellie into the living room and just let it slide. I usually do.

Steven thinks that if I keep nibbling on Ellie's fat cheeks and fat belly and soft squishy neck rolls and delightfully calling her Fatty Pants that I'm going to give her a complex.

It's not my fault. She's big and fat and beautiful. I love me a fat baby. She's only about eight pounds lighter than Mitchie. I'm sure he'll have a complex too from being called runt. Whatever. Like he knows what a runt is. I'm sure he thinks it's something awesome -because he knows we think he's awesome (even if he is a little runty).

Isn't it funny how kids learn language the way we teach it?

Don't even get me started on sarcasm.

There have been one or two instances where Jordan has been mad at me and has stomped out of the room, and I've said "Where are you going?" And she hollered back "I'M POUTING!!"

Hehehe. It makes me laugh every time. She sure told me.

There's another thing that Tennyson says sometimes - it's one of those things where it's actually something with more of a negative use than he thinks it has. I cannot remember it right now. I know, I shouldn't have written this paragraph then. Whatever. It's my blog. It's also 2.5 hours later than I originally intended to go to sleep.

It's my mom's fault. She called here. Actually, I may have called her. Whatever. She answered the phone and let me talk for an hour (or more).


quinnandlyla said…
choc milk...that is a great one, i'll remember to use that 5 yrs down the road :)
It's Vaughn.

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