facebook woes

I've finally become one of those cool people who have a Facebook page and a blog. Doesn't get any better than this! "Join facebook" everyone says, so I do. It's a lot of fun at the beginning when all your new friends are writing on your wall and checking out your pictures, then the novelty of your presence wears off, and everyone goes back to their much cooler friends. Of course you convince yourself that they must all be at work, or that your computer hasn't refreshed itself, so you click refresh and wait eagerly for all the new posts to pop up, so that you have a wonderful way to spend two hours in the afternoon while the kids are napping and the housework is piling up. Still nothing. Okay, well it is silly to expect stuff to just continue to come, so you go upstairs, make a snack, drink some ice-tea, throw some discarded kiddie pants onto the stairs for the next time you go up. It's now been a good 15 minutes, there MUST be something new on facebook! But all that is gained from bouncing happily down the basement stairs is your sad little facebook, still lonely. But wait, what is this? A new friend! . . . who you don't know from a hole in the ground. Still, a friend is a friend. Peruse her website. Delete said friend. I do have my pride!


L.A.Z. said…
The community of facebook has little lasting value, the real community I find requires much more effort and emotion, but you also get a lot more in return. Relationships, time well spent and the thrill of watching people evolve, especially when it's for the better is worth the effort. So, my point...while facebook is great for throwing sheep at people, it's not going to last, and I think deep down I hope it is a fad, because there is much to be said for real friendships, relationships and community.
Tiffany said…
You know, I agree with what you're saying. Facebook is fun but it takes away from people actually communicating in a real way. It's good for people that you don't really see or don't really talk to anyway. As far as real friends go, whatever happened to picking up a phone or going over for a visit on a Sunday afternoon? Now we all just text. I canceled my text plan on my cellphone, and I've found that although I did have some withdrawal, I have now been actually talking to people more. Now if someone wants to invite us over they call us instead of text, and vice versa. It's nice.

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