31 days to moving day

I've begun the countdown. It's the type of thing that those of us with no social life do. Although looking at my calendar, it would seem that my social life isn't so bad this month. I'm going to see Bonjovi next Saturday, should have a lot of company on Sunday, and then the following Tuesday I'll be traveling in another country. Not so bad at all.

Back to moving. 31 days to go. In the meantime, we have to ready our house, show it, find a buyer, pack up house and enlist the help of various friends and relatives to come and assist us with our move. I am very tired of working on this house. I was so excited when I bought it, but I have begun to resent all the extra work it's been. We knew we'd have to peel wall-paper and paint the whole place, but there were hidden jobs that only came up after. For instance, when we pulled out the fireplace we discovered a big burned hole in the wall behind it. This meant having to pull down the wall, insulate, and then build a whole new wall. We also managed to take down all the wallpaper in the hallway, only to find a million cracks that needed cutting out, filling, plastering, sanding, and plastering and sanding again. So fun. Not to mention de-wallpapering in bedrooms that had about 19 layers of wallpaper in them. I'm looking forward to getting into a different house and just sitting for a while. Some people really like renovating. My sister in-law Christine is one of them. Just finished a house and now she wants to sell it and start over. Crazy.

I will say that there are some things I'll miss. I definitely like old look of the big baseboards (painted white) and all my colours that I've picked for this house. I worry now that we're so tired of doing this stuff that we'll move into a new house and do nothing, and not make it our own. At least we'll be back home though!

And I better not find any more big burn holes!!


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