17 days to possession day

Our 31 days to moving day just took a huge trim. Our agent called today to let us know that the sellers of our new house would like us to take possession as early as August 3rd. Being young and insane, we said "what the heck" and decided to go for it. We'll probably move on the 4th, being a Saturday. It's obvious we don't have much of a social life, having decided to move on August long weekend. What a treat though, moving at the beginning of the month, instead of the middle or end. Now I'll have a whole month to enjoy my new house and proximity to friends and family of yore, instead of just a couple of weeks. After all, I am planning to work in September. Only 18 days then, until we move!

Now all we have to do is sell our house.

We had a meeting with our comfree representative tonight. Now I'm slightly more confident in our ability to do this thing, but a little worried about the tactics of the wily real estate agents who are waiting in the shadows to catch us off guard, intimidate us, and have us sign some seemingly harmless document that will make null and void our deal with comfree and ensure that we pay big money to the said agents. Basically it comes down to this - don't sign anything. Ever. Snakes anyway.

I know nobody reads this thing, but if you do, are you busy on August 4th? Let's make plans . . .


I feel your pain! We just moved and are trying to sell our other house too. And moving...well that's just not fun. Ever. Looking forward to seeing you more often...

Tiffany said…
You moved!?! Where to? As much as moving into a new house is exciting, it's horribly lame too. I hate moving. The only good thing about it is having an excuse to really purge all your household belongings. I like that part.

If you have a new phone number and stuff, pass it on!

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