4 days til moving day

I went from 31 days to 4 days really quickly! Probably because the seller of our new house wanted to change the possession date from August 15 to August 3rd. And of course, being all excited to get into our new house we jumped at the chance. Yep. Real smart. Especially having no buyer for the house we live in now, and having no jobs. But hey, lets move two weeks early!

There's also our annual week at Delta beach with the husband's family. That happens to be this week so there's really been no holiday there. Packing is so fun.

Okay, I really have nothing to write about. I just wanted to put something on this page. I'll add a picture of Jordan, that makes it all worthwhile.


So relieved to FINALLY have something new to read on here!! Congrats on the house - you must be excited. And I peeked at your pics on facebook - very cute!!


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