merry christmas!

Well, I made it through almost the entire Christmas season without taking any pictures. Not a one. I'm not even kidding. My kids gleefully ripped through their gifts on Christmas morning - no pictures. My long-lost brother came out from Alberta to spend the holidays with us - no pictures. We had Christmas with all my family out in Austin, and Christmas here with Steven's maternal family in Portage - no pictures.

I am probably not going to win instagram's mother of the year award this year.

It's been a weird Christmas. Tennyson was kind of sickly last Thursday and Friday, but we sent him to school anyway, and he recovered just fine. Jordan felt crummy on Sunday and it lasted until boxing day. Nothing is more fun than going somewhere on Christmas day only to realize at some point that your daughter is missing, and then find her sitting in the washroom crying because she wishes she could throw up but can't, and then having to take her home early.

Although . . . wait for it . . . the worst is yet to come . . .

I was sick too. Ugh. I really hate feeling shitty. I know, most people do. But it hits way closer to home when it's ME.

So in actuality, while I was looking forward to Christmas dinner with Steven's family, I was in serious recovery, and wasn't actually really super sad when at 7pm I was curled up in my bed in my pyjamas listening to my daughter read her newest fantasy book from Santa.

She is so into fantasy lately. She's reading a couple of different series off and on, in no particular order, and I actually do make a little fun of her, because they are so stupid. One series is about cats. Feral cats in the bush, probably near some major city center. I opened one and read a few pages once, and the cats were fighting each other (there are clans. Ask Jordan and try not to smile at her serious little face when she explains all this), and mocking this one new cat for being a Kitty Pet who just arrived from the city. Of course he wins the fight, manages to lose his collar in the fight, and then buries it in a symbolic gesture of rejection of the Kitty Pet existence. Try reading this without snorting.

It's almost as bad as Twilight. Almost.

But I can tell you that I'd probably mock a number of adult fantasy novels too. Some are okay. I have a Neil Gaiman one sitting on my night stand called Stardust that I'm actually pretty excited to read. And I asked for (and received!) one for Christmas called The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic. I like the ones where the main characters are people, with magical elements. But cats in clans? Hehehe. Cats.

This has tragically veered far from the talk of Christmas.

We went skating on Christmas day. You can see how I thought Jordan was "better" before we went for Christmas dinner. Anyway, skating. Christmas day. Some fabulous community minded people put in ice on the basketball court at the school on our street. We've gone a couple of times now, and the kids love it. We got them hockey sticks for Christmas and they stumble around the ice with their new sticks and pucks and think they are wonderful little hockey players. They actually can't skate very well, but they seem to forget that when they have sticks and they stop thinking about it so much. This may be the winter when our kids actually look like they know how to skate. Eventually.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!


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