I am substitute teaching again this school year (after a 5 year break!) and am really enjoying it. There are seven schools in this town and I sort of bounce around between all seven fairly evenly, if you don't count the high school, where I'd always imagined I'd end up. In that, I've definitely gained a bigger appreciation of the middle years, where I really enjoy hanging out, and a reminder that I'm not cut out for a career in the early years.

Because they're nuts.

And they cry.

And they can't tie their shoes.

And there are always little hands touching me. It's actually much like the Labyrinth.

Anyway, I sincerely don't mind subbing in there, but I think I will leave the grade 1s for someone with  much more patience.

Elliot is in daycare and she had no problems adjusting. She goes to the home of a friend of mine, and her daughter is the same age as Ellie and they get along swimmingly. It definitely makes it easier to drop her off every morning when she's happy to go.

Mitchell is in grade 1 this year and is doing well. Turns out he still likes to fly under the radar and not talk too too much to grownups if he doesn't have to, and dawdles a little on his work because he is easily distracted by everything that could/would/might happen around him. But he's doing well, and loves going, and is actually putting up his hands to answer questions these days so it's all good.

Tennyson is apparently the class comedian and entertains everyone at lunch with his lunchbox (that has a name) that eats up all his garbage and pukes it into the garbage can. Boys are ... awesome?

Jordan is in grade 4 - the oldest grade in their school. Crazy to think this is her last year there. How did she get so old? She loves school again this year and is doing great.

The boys are in soccer, the girls are in gymnastics, they all just finished a swimming lesson session, and we are running around like crazy people for all of that while trying to get ready for Christmas and working full-time.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas break. I am missing the heck out of my kids these days, between the running around and working, and then tucking them in for bed at 8 o'clock. We definitely need the two weeks off.

It's weird to look at them and realize how fast they are growing and changing. Just four short years ago, this was us:

And now our youngest is 4. She's older now than Tennyson and Mitchell are in this picture!


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