elliot. bathroom conversations.

I'm cleaning the toilet in the en suite. Elliot appears in the doorway.

Elliot: We are doing a good job of taking care of Lizzy. (our gecko)
Me: Yep.
Elliot: Yeah. She's not even dead.
Me: Well, that's a good thing...
Elliot: Remember when I pulled off all the tails?

She watches me for a second.

Elliot: Mommy?
Me: Hm?
Elliot: I know how you get the potty water too high.
Me: How?
Elliot: You just put in a lot of toilet paper.

She skips away, and I hear her in the other bathroom.

Me (hollering): Elliot! Do not flush the toilet!
Elliot (reappearing) : I didn't do that

I'm sure she rolled her eyes at my accusation. 

She's a little scarier every day.


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