a few pictures of my hometown

This is Austin, the town I grew up in. Small and quiet!

And I bet YOUR town doesn't have a tractor on stilts. I know. I'm sad for you too.

This is Memory Lane Cafe (the name has since changed, but seriously, no). The first "real" job I ever had was waiting tables here. My grandma owned it, and she made me work there. I believe that early in the spring she said "You'll have to work here this summer," and I said "Yeah, maybe," because I didn't want to say no to my grandma, but I was scared to death of having an actual job working in public. The June schedule had my name on it and my shifts clearly penned in.

Standing at the end of Mom's driveway looking North. Nice and green and countryish.

Main Street. Technically, it's 2nd Ave, but seriously, no. This is Main Street. Beware showing up here after 7 at night. It's totally wild.

Austin Elementary School. K-8. After that we hopped the bus and went to high school in the booming metropolis of MacGregor.

My mom's street. I'm standing on her driveway facing South. I know. The order of these pictures makes absolute sense. 

Main Street from the other direction, in case you blinked and missed it the first time through.

Honestly, I couldn't not take a picture of the bakery. 

 I'd have grabbed more, but I think the locals were starting to wonder why I was driving down the "main drag" snapping pictures.


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