running, biking and canoeing, oh my!

I think I may have to start working out again.

I'm planning on doing the Half Manitoba Marathon again in the spring, and losing a few pounds would be nice. Nothing says "Go Me!" like running 13 miles with the super fun extra 20 pounds I happily and deliciously gained back. It would have been more, but cabbage soup has helped to chase away a little of it.

Update on the 8 pounds in November - I hit 7. I'm good with that.

Where was I? Right, half marathon in June. Two years ago I signed up for my first one. I ran my ass off for months getting ready. I was pretty anxious about being able to finish it, and do well, and not have to walk the last 11 miles so I trained like a crazy person.

Last year? Well, I may have been a little cockier, or lazier, or both. I ran a little in the spring.

Year 1: I ran 13 miles. It was good. Carried on with my day.
Year 2: I ran 13 miles 7 minutes slower. Wanted to lay down in a ditch around mile five. Was sore for a while.

I want to have a Year 1-like race again this year, so slimming down, and shaping up are definitely required.

Remember my sore muscle? Well, it's still sore. Turns out that along with Zumba, walking on ice and doing Jillian DVDs also don't help much. Neither does cleaning the bathroom, but although Steven has a bathroom-cleaning fairy, I don't. I limped around for an hour after climbing around in the washroom and scrubbing tiles and such things.

The other day my friend posted this on facebook:

This fall she trained for a 5k. So I read this note and think; it's probably a 5 or 10k. I can totally do that a week after the half marathon.

I tell her I'll do it. I ask how far it is.

It's biking from the Forks to Headingley and canoeing back. Still interested?

At this point, I can't very well say "I figured we were just going to run a few laps around your block, so no." I said yes. A part of me was a little worried. A slightly bigger part of me thought it would be a really cool thing to do. We're going to do it. It's 20 miles of biking and then 20 miles of canoeing. I'm more worried about the biking part. I canoed a few times in the past from Spruce Woods campground to the 34 highway and it was fun (and took two days!), and if we can borrow a canoe from someone for the spring and do some canoeing on the "lake" I think we'll do alright. Anyone have a canoe they wouldn't mind lending?

So as much as watching endless episodes of How I Met Your Mother while eating snacks is a somewhat enjoyable experience, I think it's time to peel myself off the couch and start moving around again.


Ange said…
Wow, that's an impressive race! I know you can do it! How long does this kind of race take? Probably take me a week or two.
Tiffany said…
I think the canoeing part takes 3 or 4 hours. Not sure how long it'll take to bike that!

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