Merry Christmas!

And Happy Hannukuh
And Happy Holidays
And Seasons Greetings!

I just have to throw this out there. I've been increasingly irritated as I scroll through facebook these days, at E-Card after E-Card proclaiming that we're putting "Christ Back in Christmas."

This is how I see it.

Nobody who says Happy Holidays hates Jesus.

I know, that's extremely profound. Do you know why we say Happy Holidays? It's not because people want to forcibly rip the savior from the Christmas season. It's because there are loads of other people who celebrate their cultural and religious holidays at around the same time as Christmas. It's not because they hate Jesus, it's because in the spirit of love and friendship and all that jazz, there are people out there who want to give a shout out to other people who might be celebrating. It's so that our friends who maybe don't celebrate in the exact same way we do will feel like you thought of them too.

I bet if you say Merry Christmas to a non-Christian they'll say it back. I bet they won't even be offended.

I think the whole thing is ridiculous. If someone says Happy Holidays to me, I'm not going to go home and light a candle and say an extra prayer for their doomed souls.

I honestly don't know why people get all bent out of shape about this.

Let's talk about the infamous "we kicked God out of schools so now let's not bitch when bad things happen."

Really? There is just so much that could be done with this.

I spent years going to church, bible camp, gospel nights on Fridays. There it was taught that Jesus is in all of us. In our hearts, in the world around us, in the leaves of the trees, etc. I didn't realize that humans had the power to actually keep him out of school. When your child goes to school does he leave God at the door? By the bible's own teachings, God is wherever you are.

What? So they don't teach religious instruction anymore? That's why bad things happen?
Um. No.
They don't teach religious instruction because nobody can quite agree on which belief set should be used. Of course when people say that God should be taught in school, they mean that he should be taught their way.

I once had an argument with friends who suggested that Catholics weren't really Christians.

Giant sigh.

Look up the definition for "Christian." Can you see the problem? Even Christians can't agree to play nice.

If we bring in religious instruction, do we nod in agreement when, in all fairness, we have Koran day?

Did you know that YFC has a foothold in a lot of schools? I'm pretty sure there's a group here in the high school in town even. It's there, if you want it, seek it out. Or maybe talk about it at home. Teach your kids the beliefs you want them to learn. Teachers have big enough jobs. If your child wants to say grace before eating lunch I'm sure he won't be kicked out of the classroom.

My kids' school had a Nativity scene last night at the Christmas concert. I thought it a bold move, being that schools do tend to be more or less non-religious these days. It was nicely done. They stuck to the meat of the story.

And you know what? Not one person got up and left in disgust. Trust me, people aren't out to make a huge statement against Jesus.

The next time someone says Happy Holidays to you, smile and say Merry Christmas back. They'll appreciate the greeting.


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