i'm gonna be a cowboy

Tennyson: Mommy, when I grow up I'm going to be a cowboy.

Me: Oh honey, you're probably not.

Tennyson: No really, I'm gonna be a cowboy and I'm gonna get a lunchbox and every day I'm going to pack two sandwiches and two apples.

Me: Oh are you!

Tennyson: Yeah, and if someone tries to get you I'll catch them with my lasso and I'll tie them up in knots.

Me: Okay honey, thanks.

This kid has so many ideas, and no matter what his plans are he's always thinking about his meals. I overheard him telling Mitchell a few minutes later that the two sandwiches and two apples were so that he could have a sandwich and an apple for breakfast and lunch. Of course he'd come home for supper.

I always say Tennyson is going to marry the first woman who makes him a sandwich.


If i get two sandwiches I want to be a cowboy too!
Tiffany said…
Can you imagine? A lunch box full of food and hours BY YOURSELF on the plains? I'm in.

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