We took the kids tobogganing at the dump hill this morning. I've decided that this winter I'm going to be more proactive in getting the kids active and outside in the winter. It helps that my "baby" is now two. Elliot goes up and down that hill like a champ, riding in the red plastic death sled with the boys and tromping back up the hill on her own.

That being said, I may have hid in the van and listened to music out of the wind while my family had fun. It wasn't too long until Elliot decided she didn't need a scarf, mitts or toque, so Steven tossed her into the van to keep me company. At least at that point I could pretend that someone needed to watch over her.

The windchill was brutal. The kids lasted 40 minutes. I was pretty impressed.

Now I'm writing a novel when I'm not hitting refresh on facebook or checking whether anyone has blogged lately (and no, you haven't. boo!).

I've gone from 25000 words to 26000 words already. My goal today is to hit 30,000. I've done just a little procrastinating on the book, the week I took off to "think" about what to write probably didn't help. Now I have 24000 words to write and six days to write them.

It'll be fine. I'll just invoke the University Tiffany who used to write 20 page essays, starting at ten o'clock the night before they were due. Although, essays were infinitely easier.

I'll let you know how it goes.


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