chocolate, first and foremost

Alright, so I did this really stupid thing. I told myself that I'd give up chocolate until I lost a predetermined amount of weight. It was 11 pounds, to be exact. I have seven to go, and guess what?


Like really really. I decided this on Halloween night, after eating two small chocolate peanut butter eyeball things (wow, it sounds really yummy when described like that). I haven't had chocolate since. It's been three weeks.

Anyway, you know what that rules out? Wagon wheels and 'smore granola bars, as well as the raiding I normally do of the kids Halloween bags after they go to sleep every night for a week after Halloween.


I've been working on my novel. I actually took a ten day break, which given the fact that the novel is supposed to be written in 30 days is kind of poor planning. Now I have to write something like 3600 words a day to get it done by the 30th. I pulled it off yesterday. I still have 2000 to go today and all I really want to do is watch TV.

When you read "watch TV" on my blog, please translate that to read "petition my local MLA to institute some really worthwhile changes in our community." It makes me sound a lot smarter. Thanks.

Where was I? Right, novel. It's worse than last year's. Probably because Steven told me to write something paranormal, and I was like all (just so you know "I was like all" does not appear in my novel, it's bad, but it's not that bad) I can write paranormal. Who can't? Well, now I've got this whole paranormal thing set up in my mind (you really don't need to write this stuff down, just bump out some prior knowledge and you can store it in your head indefinitely) and I really have no idea what the heck to do with it, or how to end it. I feel like I should at least have an ending or solution in mind before ghosts come out of the bushes to possess people and try to live normally in their bodies.

Where the heck am I supposed to go with that? I blame Steven.


Stephanie said…
just leave a giant unfinished story line...that way you can do the "sequel" next year : )
Tiffany said…
That is an excellent idea! I should just hit 50,000 words and just stop. lol

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