Mitchie's birthday, and salamanders

We've had a busy summer! We've spent 14 nights in our camper (2 more to go!), gone to spray parks in both Morden and MacGregor, hit the beach a couple of times, and yucked it up at the parks here in town with friends.

I like being busy, but then I like veg days too.

Mitchell's birthday was on Friday. Today marked his third and final birthday celebration. He's now four. I can't really believe that he's four. He's always been such a baby. Not in a bad way, in a "I love to be nurtured and cuddled and I don't want to do things myself" way. Lately he's become a lot more spunky. Today he ran around with spider man and shot Grandpa V with web missiles.

If I was spider man I'd invest in some web missiles for sure!

Tonight as the third and final fourth birthday party was wrapping up (confusing sentence I know, but I love it!) Steven's sister called to let me know that she had a bucket of salamanders with my name on it. After I had seen off the last of our birthday guests I told Steven to bathe the kids while I went to pick up a surprise. I love excuses to get out of bath time.

They were ecstatic! Especially Jordan who didn't even hesitate before scooping up one of the little beasts:

She wanted to let that one run. My guess is that he really just wanted to find some mud to hide in.

My favorite part was watching them try to show Steven their new pets (there are five) and have Steven jump back each and every time a kid raised a salamander to his eye level so he could get a really good look at how cute they were.

Video to follow.


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