how many days?

My kids are constantly asking me how many sleeps until ___________. Tennyson asked me the other day how many sleeps until his birthday. I have no idea. I usually sigh and tell him that I have no idea, that his birthday isn't until the spring and it's only August. His birthday is roughly eight months away.

The latest countdown is for the start of school. The other day I wrote all three of their names on the whiteboard and beside them I wrote how many days each of them has to wait until school.

12 - Mitchell
14 - Jordan
18 - Tennyson

Mitchell starts nursery school before the "big kid" schools start. He starts on the Tuesday of the long weekend. Jordan starts on Thursday. Tennyson is starting kindergarten this year and his teacher likes to split the class into three groups and for the first three days of school she takes only one group at a time. It gives her a chance to spend a couple of hours with a smaller group before the entire class comes racing through her door.

After I wrote the list of how many sleeps each kid needs until school on the whiteboard, Elliot stood with the group of kids, frustrated, and yelling "Ellie! Ellie!" Obviously she needs to count down to something too. I added her to the board.

20 - Elliot

She can count down to the first day of diaper gym.

I could say that this summer has flown by, and it sort of has, but we've done a lot this year. We've already spent fourteen nights in our camper at various campgrounds and still have one to go; we've been to the MacG Spray Park a few times, we've been to the Morden spray park once. The kids and I have filled our days at the park, at friends houses, and eve gone to the beach a couple of times. Between and during all of this I've even managed to successfully potty-train my fourth and final baby!

It's definitely not been a slow summer.

We've still got a blue grass camping weekend and a family reunion to fit in. This coming weekend we're hopefully going to a friend's house for a bonfire (oh please oh please let us find a sitter!), and Jordan has a birthday party on Sunday.

Next week I hope to catch up with my mom once and maybe scoot out to Oakbank to see a friend I haven't seen in a while. I guess I should phone her up and arrange that!

I'm going to miss summer holidays, but at the same time by the time the middle of August rolls around the kids almost need to go back. They start to get scrappy, they get less excited about the park, and the lack of routine begins to show.

I never wanted to be one of these moms who couldn't wait for school to start. I'm not saying I can't wait to get rid of them (because I know I'll miss summer holidays) but the excitement of a new school year is pretty cool too.

Even Tennyson is starting to look forward to it, at least a little. He says he doesn't want to go, and that it's scary, but he's been wearing his new backpack around and finding things to pack in it. He put his favorite toy in it the other day, because he didn't want to forget it when he went to school. At the time there were three weeks to go. I told him he cold probably play with his toy a little while longer yet before it had to be packed.

After all, he's still got 18 more days to go!


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