let's Christmas shop!

Do you realize that in four months Christmas will be over?

I know. We were all thinking it, someone had to say it.

I want to start Christmas shopping soon, for the kids, for the husband, for our parents! This is the year, seriously, where I want the gifts bought before December.

This year I'm stealing a system that a blogger friend of mine uses when shopping for her kids. Each kid gets four presents:
  1. something they want
  2. something they need
  3. something to wear
  4. something to read

I think it's awesome. It gives variety, while also helping to focus the Christmas shopping as well as curb excess gift-buying. Looking at the list this way I already have ideas for some of the kids. Can't wait to get started!


Sonya said…
Woot! Christmas shopping!!
I've bought Devin's gift so far (that's a big one to get out of the way!).
Next up teacher gifts because they're pretty easy.
Lots of lists made already with ideas. :)
Pamela said…
Awesome! Be sure to post after Christmas what you bought them!
Tiffany said…
I will!!

God job Sonya, bet it feels good to be done that one. You haven't wrapped it and put it under your tree yet, have you?
Ange said…
We're going to do this too, very excited about it!

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