jordan had her first sleepover last night

Jordan had her first sleepover last night. The girl who came over lives a street over and she and Jordan have been thick as thieves this year.

Jordan's wanted a sleepover forever, but I've been putting it off. She seemed so young, and she was never good about going to sleep to begin with, and then there's the chance that someone might actually invite her back to her place for a sleepover in the future, which is kind of a scary thought for me. But I like Jordan's friend, and her family is really nice, and she's almost seven, and she knows that the other kids are starting to have them, so we took the plunge.

It was awesome! The girls slept in the basement (eventually) after watching a barbie movie and eating fun snacks. They giggled until past 11pm and eventually passed out. This morning they were back up at 7 and right back into playing. They ditched the boys and did whatever six-year-old girls do in her room. Tennyson kind of gave up on them and played all morning with Mitchell, leaving Jordan to enjoy her friend.

I remember having sleepovers as a kid. I don't know what it is about having someone else sleep with you, but it was one of my favorite things. Watching movies, staying up late, having slightly relaxed rules about snacks and bedtime routines was awesome! Not to mention whispering until all hours of the night with a friend after everyone else in the house was asleep.

Now Tennyson is asking when he can have his friend Aaron over for a sleepover. I told him that he could do it during his grade 1 spring break. Only two years to go!


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