santa clause parade

Last night was the Santa Clause parade here in Portage. Mom and I decided to go to Walmart and then park in front of KFC to watch. It's amazing, this small community really gets excited for this. We were driving back down the avenue at 7 and there were cars lined up the entire way down. I was sure we wouldn't find a place to park but amazingly enough there were spots right in front of KFC. Good thing too, because Steven and Angela were both supposed to meet us there. It was terribly cold, but the kids just couldn't get enough! Jordan was so excited, she had a permasmile on her face the entire time and her little arm didn't stop waving for a second. She loves big mascots, you should have seen her at the Portage Ex, she was hugging the RCMP mascot and then we had to catch her because she wanted to follow him around. Last night the excitement was the same. Her little nose was cherry red, and her cheeks were rosy, but boy was she happy. Even when we hopped back in the vehicles to warm up I could see her in Ange's van next to my car just waving away. She was so upset when it was time to pack up and leave. I love taking her to this kind of stuff. She's starting to get into it, and little kids can enjoy this no matter how young. The parade itself was pretty impressive actually. Lots of brightly lit floats, mascots, and people who walked along giving candy to kids. Christmas rocks!


T&C said…
And you hinted at my blog becoming stale. Its been over a week my dear...
Tiffany said…
I know, I know, it's been a while. I don't really have anything exciting, and when I force myself to write something I lose "the voice" and it's really boring to read! Not my fault!

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