my new eye

I got my new eye. That’s right, I’m all patched up and ready to go. Actually, the patch is gone, but you know what I mean. This last Wednesday (Dec 19th) we arrived at the ocularist at 9 o’clock. The day was broken into three chunks with two breaks in between. The chunks were as follows:
  1. Kathleen (the ocularist, we’re so first name) made a mould of my eye with some sort of oozy clay. It stung a little, but I’ve had worse. Ask Tennyson. Then she sent that off somewhere and came back to work on the iris. She had a little container with different sizes of iris-shaped plastic circles, from which she chose the one that matched the size of my real iris. Then she mixed up her little paints and studied me and painted me a new iris. Pretty funky. Then we left.
  2. Upon return, the wax mould of the eye was done. She put the iris on it where she thought the center was and fitted it under my eyelid. She then readjusted the iris and tried again, as well as shaving off and reshaping the mould as needed. It was neat actually, she had a little flame there and a little sculpting tool and she just quickly whipped it up and melted wax to add and take away from the mould. Eventually she figured it was even and off we went for lunch.
  3. The plastic eye was waiting for me. We fitted it in under my eyelid and she was able to adjust it and trim it up as needed and eventually it fit! She also painted tiny red veins on and the reddish tinge around the edges to match it to my good eye.
It was amazing, the colour is pretty much exact, and it even moves a bit. It definitely looks like a real eye, maybe just a little lazy because it doesn’t have the full range of motion that the other side does. Who cares! It’s an amazing thing.
Here are some pictures Jordan took of me. Yes, Jordan, really! Okay, so the camera was on a tripod and she just had to push a button, but she was pretty happy about it nonetheless.

See how happy I look!


That's awesome! Technology really is amazing isn't it? Can't wait to see your new "peep". Hee hee.
L.A.Z. said…
wow, you are so hot, hottest mom I've ever seen!!!! looks great, i blew up the pic, can't even tell!!
L.A.Z. said…
those glasses look great on you too!
Tiffany said…
oh lyla, you're so cute.
Candice said…
You look fantastic!
Tiffany said…
how nice are you guys??!!

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