thursday morning thought. on paper. to be transcribed later. you're welcome.

  1. Thursday, April 6, 9 am. - I'm at school. Subbing. I'd actually have been more than ok being home. To nap. 
  2. I really have nothing. No thing. Hallway people are being loud. Someone, an adult, just told the electrician not to electrocute himself. He's right outside the door. I think I'll name him Sparky and wait for something exciting to happen. This class is reading right now. If Sparky gets electrocuted and falls off the ladder, they may actually notice. 
  3. If someones heart stops due to electrocution, and I use a defibrillator to revive him, will he actually run better after?
  4. Apparently, this grade 8 class has spent some time deciding I look like a Pam. When one of them tells the others that Pam is subbing, they all know it's me. I'm not sure that they know Mrs. Verwey the same. It amuses me. Someone found out from a kid who knows me in real life that my name is Tiffany. Pretty sure they're hanging onto Pam though. Last time I was here they spent 15 minutes or so trying to guess my name. I told them it started with T. Turns out Tiffany isn't as popular as it was in the 80s. True Story. 
  5. Last night I helped a friend paint her room. I now have the urge to paint a blue wall in my living room. I've been planning on it for a while, but seeing a different room transform has me itching to paint at home. Steven has this ridiculous idea that you need to prime each time you paint a room, which is probably what's stopping me. Suddenly it's a chore. Anyway, I may "surprise" him with it when he gets home from work tomorrow, after my day off. 
  6. There's a girl in my class right now, quite likely the one who dubbed me Pam, that tries to "cute and mischievous" her way through days with me. Each time I catch her not reading I give her a less-than-scary stink-eye and pretend to write some more stuff on my teacher's note while glancing at her in mock-seriousness. She's delighted. There are days when this "job" is exasperating, and others when it's entertaining and enjoyable. Right now, an entire high-energy class is reading quietly, nobody is peeking at their phones or whispering. 
  7. I love when groups of students read. Not just because they're quiet. 
  8. Steven has decided that they're, there, and their are not pronounced the same way. It's driving me insane. These are not obscure words. It's like he's developed a speech impediment in his 30s. Between his speech impediment and his not letting me paint how I want to, it's a wonder we still get along. 
  9. In exactly five minutes I have to interrupt them and have them write in their journals. I'm sure it'll be great. 
  10. Sparky is still alive and well. I'm not even sure where the defibrillator is in this school. 
  11. There is a worker in another school who reminds me of a Pokemon. He's got really big, shiny eyes, doesn't ever talk, and always smiles happily when I see him in the hallway. It's a little fascinating, his big shiny eyes. Hypnotic, maybe. 
  12. I took a first aid course a few years ago where I got to defibrillate a dummy (the pretend-human kind, not a . . . well, you know), so really, it's not a huge deal if the need for defibrillation arises. It's almost selfish if the universe doesn't one day provide me an opportunity to use my skill set. Like a brain surgeon with no brains. 
  13. The kids just left for gym. I now have prep. Wonder what I should "prep." Funny funny.
  14. I wrote "sad board" on the whiteboard for naughty kids. On their way to gym, some of them wrote their names, under Pam, which was written first. Funny funny. Lucky, "sad board" (translated as "naughty list") was meant in a teasing way to begin with. They are actually being lovely. 
  15. Ooh, Sparky is back from break. Let the fun begin! He's pretty loud. I'd know as soon as he stops working. He just wandered off again. Watch someone else get the honour. 
  16. I should have brought my book today. I usually do. I have one on my phone, but I haven't started it. Book Club tonight. Not Snack club. Books. That there are snacks consumed throughout the evening is beside the point. We are discussing "The Lovers" by Rod Norland. It's about a young couple in Afghanistan who runs away from their families and marries in secret, and must continue to live in hiding to avoid her death at the hands of her family. It's a true story. It amazes me how some people, who live on this same earth, have such different realities. It also puts the lack of Pokemon in the Tim's drive through into perspective. 
  17. I'm still loving book club. Both book clubs. If I ever had to move, or relocate, I'd start a book club in my new town. Reading break. 
  18. 10:50 am - an EA who was dawdling on her way to band class came and visited me. 17 minutes until math. I am now alone again. A little bored. I know, I know. Poor me, at "work" with nothing to do. Home in less than an hour. I only work until 11:45 today. No school tomorrow. Right, painting a wall. Maybe. I'm sitting weighing how awesome my wall would be against my inherent laziness. I got some picture shelves for Christmas. I'd really like to put them up. Yes. I've been waiting for my wall since Christmas. 3.5 months. I need to do the wall. 
  19. I swear Sparky is getting louder. Doesn't he know I'm Not-Prepping in here? I'm wondering if he's hoping I'll electrocute him myself. That must be it. Then I'll hide all his power tools before I reset him via defibrillator. Pokeguy isn't nearly this loud. He wouldn't be distracting, at least until he makes unending eye-contact with his large, ethereal eyes. Still, one can just choose not to look. My ears do not have the same privilege. 
  20. Eight minutes until math. Beginning with mental math. Yes, we still do this. I'm not entirely sure where the mental math stuff is. Luckily, the kids will, else they end up on the sad board. More. 
  21. Eight minutes. Eight! Wait, no, four. Math is hard. 
  22. Three. Steven's texting me in a smart-alec tone. Something about him knowing stuff. It's cute he thinks he does. Silly boy.
  23. Two. Time flies when you're having fun.
  24. My students are in band and art. Remember when we were in band and we thought we were awesome? Yeah. It's much different when you're not in band, and can hear the band. Trust me.
  25. Zero! There's the bell. Happy Thursday.


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