whose toy is that anyway?

I am a grownup. Therefore, there are things I simply wont do, things I would never find funny.

For instance, this weekend we were at a gathering, and my kids were watching TV in the living room. There was also a six month old baby in an exersaucer waching tv with them. At one point, my eldest daughter comes and whispers to me, where I am sitting in the dining room with all the other adults, that the baby is chewing on a dog toy. "I don't know what to do!" she exclaims.

I most certainly didn't just sit there and whisper, "take it away!," my main concern being that everyone would realize that it was obviously one of my kids that gave the baby a dog chew-toy to suck on. Of course I would have leaped up and saved the baby from the sticky, hairy, germy toy and not just whisper "Hurry up and take it!" to Jordan, and then when Jordan went back into the living room, and hesitated because the baby had it in a death grip and she wouldn't want to make a baby cry, I didn't motion her to just "yank it out of her little hands."

I certainly wouldn't have kept this grotesque thing from the parents. Oh no, I'd have told the parents so they could wash the baby up, or something.

I'd never have to sit at the table and deep breathe after, to keep from laughing, because it's most definitely not funny at all. Nope, not me. I was obviously saddened, and not at all relieved that my kids didn't get outed for giving this baby such a gross toy, or amused. Nope. Not at all.


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