it's a pattawin

Mitchell, showing me something he made out of lego: "Look Mommy! A pattawin!"

Me, utterly confused: "A what?"

Mitch: "A pattawin!"

Me: "Okaaaay . . . what's a pattawin?" (pronounced like pat-a-cake, but with "win")

Mitch, using his finger to guide me along: "Blue, yellow, blue, yellow, blue, yellow."

Me, laughing only a little: "Ooooh, a pattern."

Mitch: "Yeah! A pattawin!"

At this point I'm assuming that he's pronouncing it that way because at school the teacher speaks only french and he doesn't get to hear the proper English pronunciation a lot.

Me: "How do you say pattern in french?"

Mitch: "Easy! - bleu, jaune, bleu, jaune, bleu, jaune, bleu..."

I love this kid.


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