Guess who is thinking about New Year's Resolutions! Me!

I know, right? The trivia on this blog is mind-blowing.

I haven't blogged about anything substantial in quite some time. It's like a trend. I think it'll likely continue well into the new year. Of 2083. I will be really old by then. Practically 30.

We've had a busy December. I'm a little sad it's almost over, and I'm a little happy it's almost over. Aren't the holidays always like that? I'm kind of dreading January/February. They're kind of the bummer months of the year. I know, I can't just  be entertained all the time, but come on - the cold, the monotony, the months before anything fun happens, the cold. Ugh.

Want to come over for spaghetti? Maybe on a Thursday? Okay.

Right, New Year's Resolutions. Make them. 


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