september schedules

I stood in line for over two hours tonight to register my daughter for gymnastics. I was sitting on the steps by 4:20 and the doors opened for registration at 6:30.

I was determined.

I had heard that the gymnastics registrations were insane last year, that people who showed up later than an hour and a half before the doors were unlocked were turned away because classes were full.

Last year we didn't put our kids in anything - no swimming, no gymnastics, no activities, nadda. Of course, my Mommy Guilt got the best of me and by spring I decided to rectify the situation.

Want to know what they're in?

Mondays: (I'll just go by week days)
Jordan - gymnastics
Tennyson - swimming lessons
Mitchell - Beavers
Elliot - swimming lessons

Jordan - piano lessons

Jordan - Brownies
Tennyson - hip hop

Jordan - swimming lessons
Mitchell - swimming lessons

Seems a little sideways from crazy.

I've also somehow become a Brownie Leader (you know they're serious about it when you have to submit a criminal record check) and started a casual/part-time job. We will be hopping in September!

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about it all. Today was the kicker though, I really wanted Jordan in gymnastics, more than I cared about whatever else was happening this fall. The kid scampers up poles and trees and swings, and where other kids swing underneath monkey bars, hand by hand, Jordan walks across the tops of them effortlessly.

This year is gymnastics year.

So other activities' registration dates have come and gone and I've held out for gymnastics for her. She said she'd rather do Judo. I told her she could do it later, but that she should just do one year of this first. I know her. She'll love it.

Hence sitting on the hard floor at the top of the stairs for two hours so that I could be among the first of the parents through those doors. Of course hearing horror stories of parents who push past other people and race through the doors didn't help the sense of urgency.

She's going to be awesome.


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