a ticker. i know, shocking.

Alright. I'm going to mention this once and then leave it, because I've got an entirely different blog for this topic because I know that people who randomly stumble across this one really really really want to hear about some SAHM's latest vow to lose weight.

I'm totally vowing.

I'm really only mentioning this because I want to put my ticker back on here. And before anybody says "Hey Chubby, wasn't that down to like, 16 pounds a month or so ago?" I'd just like to blame the rain that caused us to spend a fair amount of camping time holed up in our camper eating chips.

Right. Ticker.

Here's the deal.

Oh yeah, and I ran the Treherne Run for the Hills 10K this last weekend, and as I pointed out on facebook, one should not assume that because a run in the "hills" is only six miles, that there won't really be that many hills. Apparently, they really can make a six mile loop hilly. I know. I was surprised too. I turned that first corner and may have audibly said (in the midst of the pack of people I was running with) "Oh shit."

I am the funnest running partner. Really I am. You should run with me. You should hear the absolutely positive things I say to myself (out loud) as I run up the Tupper Street bridge near the end of my runs.

Right. Ticker.

I need to run more because running is kind of awesome when a person really gets into it. Also, I have a half marathon in the spring that I really need to do well in being that I kind of epically bombed the last one leading to much embarrassment when people read my name in the sports section of the local paper, and congratulated me in the days following the half, resulting in me feeling like a big fat phony who almost ended up in the ditch.

I know, right?

Okay. Running is easier lighter.

Screw it. It's really not all about running. I just wanna be skinny.

Right. Ticker.

When I finish off this damn ticker (for the last time) I'm getting a fricking awesome tattoo.

That's really what this whole post was leading up to.

Oh yeah, and I'll be smaller and faster and half marathon . . . yadda yadda yadda . . . not just about vanity . . . .yadda yadda.

Anyway, wish me luck. I'm hoping to see it bugger off before the end of May for sure. End of February would be nicer. We'll see.

Also - thanks for the birthday money Mom, it's totally going in my tattoo fund. I know. You're totally happy to hear that. heh heh heh


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