I have this thing where I don't always sleep very well. Sleepless nights used to happen a lot, where I either couldn't fall asleep when I went to bed, or I'd fall asleep just fine, but then wake up at midnight for whatever reason and then take three hours to fall back asleep. This happens less all the time. For this I am thankful.

That being said, I am seriously the least productive person when I'm super tired. I may also be a little . . . cranky.

Did I mention I started a new job? I did!

I also just worked two night shifts in a row. My plan was to have evening naps before work, and catch an hour or two in the morning. Well guess who apparently can't sleep at 8:30pm? I'm sure it has nothing to do with conditioning myself to sit up until midnight catching up on Once Upon a Time and Elementary.

I don't even know where I'm going with this. I do know that 16 ounces of Tim's coffee kind of feels like six hours of sleep in a cup, except that there's a dash of delirium tossed in.

Totally gonna crash and burn later this afternoon. Good thing I have lots to this morning.

I should probably blog about the renos we're about to do on our dining room. Also, I went to talk to some flooring people in town about getting a quote for the purchase and installation of linoleum for our kitchen and dining room.

I am really bad with faces. If you introduce yourself to me you can probably assume that I'll forget your  name within about eight minutes (I'm not even kidding) and then pretend like I haven't, and then weeks later I'll be trying to find evidence of who you are because at that point I can't really admit that although we've babysat each other's kids I have no idea what your name is.

Did I ever tell you about the time that someone called me and asked if she could take Jordan home from nursery school to play with her daughter and that she'd bring her back at the end of the afternoon and that I said yes, and that when this super-nice mommy showed up at the end of the day with my kid in tow I was a little surprised because I had attached the name she had given me to an entirely different mom? I am awesome. Before you completely write me off, I did approach the nursery school teacher to get a character reference on this woman, and I did know who her kid was, but I seriously had thought she was someone else.

Right, flooring.

I walked into the local flooring joint with my four little angels (this really ought - see that? proper use - to be it's own blog post) and the guy working there shouts out "Hi Tiffany!" and I thought to myself, "jeez, that guy looks really familiar..." and I kind of figured out who I thought it was, but I don't remember him having facial hair but I figured I'd go with my original guess on who it was and just make a bunch of small talk and ask about kids and pretend that I was on the up and up. (also, switching tenses throughout a blog post is awesome)

Turns out I was right about his identity. I know this because I asked for a card as I was leaving and my rightness was confirmed.

And seriously, just because I went to a school where there were all of 250 people from grades k-8 and my class of 24 people didn't change at all in the first 9 years, and I graduated with all the same people I went to kindergarten with does not mean that I really have to remember everybody. It's not like I graduated yesterday. It's been at least . . . oh let's say eight years. Wait, let's call it ten years. That avoids the awkward questions of a possible teenage pregnancy.

My dog is barking like a lunatic at the neighbors. Or a grasshopper. Or his shadow. Maybe the clouds. Either way, I'm sure the neighbors don't care. Much. The guy across the back lane from us has a yard full of giant rescue puppies. My ten pounds of hairball isn't too bad.

Today I am going to clean the bathrooms (although since my plan was to start that at 7:30 it's looking less likely), vacuum the living room, meet the Beaver lady about signing up Mitchell (he's going to be so cute in that hat), and hit the park with a bunch of friends who are trying desperately to come up with excuses to NOT meet at the park, but who I am totally bullying, so I am sure that they'll show. Then I'm going to come home and put on a movie in the hopes that my kids will actually watch it so I can nap.

And they will. But napping can be hard.
"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy - watch this part."
"Mommy! Look, it's the funny part where this and this and this happens."
"No you're not, your eyes aren't open!"

This happens about every five minutes. For an hour and a half. It's awesome. I may threaten bodily harm today.

Happy Tuesday!


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