many, many updates

It's been almost a month since I've last blogged! It's not even like I don't have things to talk about.

Updates in point form (because everyone loves bullets):
  1. We got a new dog. He drives me nuts sometimes but overall I like him.
  2. Diaper gym ended early this year to spare people from showing up and sitting alone during the month of waning attendance.
  3. I've been camping twice already. I got poison ivy once.
  4. Jordan turned 7. I still can't really believe it myself.
  5. I ran another half marathon. I could give details, but I'll sum it up with: a) next year I may have to run more to prepare, b) I kind of felt like I was done around mile 5, and c) I still almost tied my last year's time. I was short by 4 minutes. I'll take it! 
  6. I went to the children's festival with Jordan's class on a field trip. I was glad to go and be there for Jordan's first real field trip. I was really happy to get off the bus when we got back to Portage. Even though I lost my van keys and had to look around the school for them.
  7. I took Jordan to her school's fun fair last week. It was fun. I lost my van keys that day too. Her school is out to get me. 
  8. My friend Steph makes fun of me for never being able to find my keys. I think that's an unfair observation.
  9. My youngest daughter desperately needs to be potty trained. She keeps taking off her diaper and running around without. Today she shit on the floor. She let me know this by squashing something of mine into it and then bringing me that object full of shit. It was great. It's even more fun when she shits her diaper and then takes it off and goes and sits on the carpet somewhere.
  10. Tennyson finished his last ever year of nursery school. I'm a little sad, but a little relieved too. He's getting too old for it. Nothing like a big giant surly five year old at nursery school.
  11. At the nursery school picnic Tennyson was the only kid to be recognized by the children's entertainer. In his words "Who brought this little guy in the red shirt? He should be a politician, he'll be heard!" Yep. Way to heckle the children's entertainment Tennyson. Way to go.
  12. I'm a little in awe of that boy. And majorly frustrated a lot too. He's smart and funny and lovey, and mouthy as hell. Good thing he's so cute.
  13. My friend Ange is moving to Winkler. I keep warning her that she'll be ostracized there for not having enough kids, unless she has more kids. If that's too much trouble she could take one or two of mine.
  14. There are four more days of school. I can't wait for summer holidays!


Neodad said…
Okay, we're buying a camper. (Pop-up). Where do we camp?
Sonya said…
Lol at number 9!
Tiffany said…
We have a pop-up too! If you want somewhere close(ish) to Portage, head down to Stevenfield. It's a nice little campground with hiking trails that are manageable for younger kids and a playground. It's not a huge campground. The water does have a few leeches in it, but overall a nice little campground. We've also been to Creekside (if you want REALLY close to town), but it's a pool there and not a beach. We really like Bird's Hill Park South of Winnipeg. Other than that, we're kind of where you are - we really want to try some new campgrounds but aren't really sure where! Minnedosa would be awesome if you had a boat! It's a nice campground too, not a lot of trees, so it's not quite as private as the provincial parks.

I'd love to go check out Duck Mountains or Turtle Mountains, or the Whiteshell yet too. Let me know if you find a good spot!
Lora said…
I was getting worried about you! I'm glad everything is going well!

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