happy friday

Today's Ten Things!

I apologize in advance for making that title so misleading, what with the exclamation point and all.

  1. I worked at Arthur Meighen today. In a class that has some fun little challenging kids. We had a great day. 
  2. One kid came up and said shyly, "can I hug you?" and I said, "sure!" He hugged me for a while, even after I made natural attempts to bring the hug to an end. He just made them tighter. It was sweet. 
  3. I stole some kids soccer ball and threw it over the crowd and gave it to the girls. 
  4. I got to play librarian for 20 minutes because the actual librarian was out. Only one kid cried in library. He was actually today's only crier. 
  5. I told Steven he should make supper today. I ended up with BBQ steak, asparagus and potatoes with all the fixin's. He's sealed his fate.
  6. It's Friday. 
  7. The kids have Soccer Jamboree tomorrow. 
  8. Jordan had her track meet the other day. She didn't place in any of her events. This is why she'll never get allowance or extra hugs. 
  9. I just yelled at some nerds to stop fighting in XFaction Chat. Why can't we all just be friends?
  10. I'm trying to get Steven to agree to playing Phase 10. His response? "I do not respond to that name." Po Bear. Like Po, from Kung Fu Panda. It's a term of endearment. 


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