jordan. age 11.

Jordan has suddenly become a person. I know, I was surprised too. She's always been a person, but she's been extra "persony" lately, in many ways.

She has a social life. Seriously, she has more friends than I do. She phones them, they coordinate events they're going to, they arrange to travel to school functions together, they set up play dates. When friends come over, they disappear into Jordan's room to gossip (we'll be having a talk about this shortly), and come out once in a while to eat and drink snacks, and then they disappear again. No more running around and screaming and laughing until I threaten to shut down play dates.

She's entering some level of pre-puberty. I'd call it what it is and say she's hitting puberty, but I'd rather not. She's little. I'm going to add the "pre" until she's about 25. Dropping a bunch of womanly hormones into a child has been awesome. (By awesome, I mean horrendous)

She has a sense of humour, which is based largely on mocking people, especially me and her dad. I don't know where she gets this. She's getting increasingly good at it. I think I may have to bring back corporal punishment.

 For example, the other morning on the way to school:

Jordan: (all sing-songy) Mommy - stop sign!
Me: I know Jordan. It's not my first day.

Five seconds later, I go to use my turn signal and accidentally turn on the windshield wipers. My hand slipped. I know how to operate my mini-van.

Jordan bursts out laughing and says, through her giggles: "Not your first day huh?"

Smart. Ass. I told her I was going to punch her so hard in my feigned threateny voice. It just makes her laugh harder. She's bad.

She likes boys. Again, bad. She's not supposed to know about boys, other than to realize they are shorter than her, and slower in gym than her. That was alright. I liked that stage.

She wears glasses and now braces. She also wears head-gear at night, but I've been sworn to not share pictures. It's a shame. I can't even look at her without being amused.

One night she asks me (after putting the head gear on) how she can drink water. I said, "I don't know, just open your mouth and pour some in." She tilts her head back, opens her mouth, and pours in a big mouthful of water. I burst out laughing. She almost drowned.

One of the things I love about her is that I can tease her pretty good, and she'll be the first one to laugh. She's got the ability to not take things too seriously (when she's not in crazy crabby mode, but again.... we love her regardless).

I could go on, and on, and on about her. There's so much about her that is awesome. Some that is maddening. But mostly awesome. Most days. Love you Jordan. 


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