spring break, 2016 - BOOM, it's over, just like that

It always seems like a week off is a long time, at least until it's Sunday and you're thinking about whether you feel like going shopping so you can make the kids real lunches, or just filling baggies with dry cheerios.

We didn't do much. Well, we did a few things, but our ten days was sprinkled, nay, blanketed, with lounging about at home. Home is so nice sometimes.

What did we do when we weren't in day three of the same pajamas and unwashed hair? Alright, I'll come up with something.

Some Spring Break-Type Stuff
  1. On Saturday my Aunt Marie invited us over to her house to join her and her lovely children and step-children for dinner. It was delicious and plentiful. The kids tired out the dogs, splashed around in the hot tub, and ate multiple pieces of pie, which is odd because they were way too full to finish their dinner. 
  2. On Sunday, Steven's mom and sisters and nephews came here for potluck Easter dinner and cards and chips and a little rum. A good time was had by all, and somehow we ended up with way more chocolate bunnies than we started with. Strange how that happens. As a good mother, I felt it was my duty to eat a couple of those in the days that followed, when the kids weren't looking. 
  3. On Monday we lounged about. The kids played with their cousin Riley, who had slept over after the Easter potluck.  
  4. On Tuesday I took the kids and my mom to Winnipeg and we went for MacDonalds lunch and three rounds of bowling. The kids took turns pouting because they were losing, but otherwise everyone had a good time. I probably should have taken some pictures, but nobody ever accuses me of doing the things I should do, so it all works itself out. 
  5. Jordan's friend Jordan slept over last night. We had spaghetti for supper and pancakes for breakfast and all the time in between they spent playing Minecraft and sleeping. Well, we'll just say Minecraft. 
  6. On Wednesday I ingressed with my Ingress people. Well, we actually just watched a movie and ate snacks, and maybe I almost fell asleep, but it was Wednesday so we'll call it Ingress. 
  7. Ten things are hard to find. I may have to delve into the less-exciting. I changed some of the fish water last weekend. They are either refusing to have babies, or they are very good at gobbling up all of them. Guppies are worse at parenting than I am. 
  8. The kids drove me nuts yesterday so I left them with Steven and went to the store to pick up the five things I needed to make supper. It took me over three hours to come home. I have no shame. 
  9. Steven still insists that he hates the dogs. He lies. He loves them ever so much.
  10. Steven has decided in the last little while that he's nearing 40 now, and it's time to start snoring. The last two nights have been brutal. I have come very, very, very close to smothering him with  my pillow. Very.
  11. I read a couple hundred pages of Game of Thrones 3. The book has its own title, but I can't remember it, despite having been reading it for six months. Game of Thrones 3 it is. 
  12. Steven and I went to Winnipeg this past Friday night for wings in Transcona with some of the Winnipeg Ingress Nerds. There were no kids to be seen, anywhere! Much thanks to his Dad and Doris for hanging out with the kids for us. 
That pretty much wraps up this week's excitement.  Happy Sunday to you all.


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