the last coke

Dear Steven:

Hey, I wanted some coke to drink with my soup.

But there was no coke!

Can you believe it?


Me neither.

But don't worry, I found one.

Although, I DID have to open a box.


And once it's open....

Love you 

This is the series of texts I sent him today. I don't know if any of you remember my facebook posts from just after Coca Cola changed its recipe:

There is one case of coke left. At most, we had 26. I think Steven is having a hard time coming to terms with the end of his never-ending supply.

Also, I would think that (as the original facebook post suggests) since he spent OUR life savings, the coke should be OURS. Apparently he does not agree. Suddenly it is his coke. I told him that six of them are his. Five are mine. 

He made this face:

See, he doesn't even look all that angry. It's like he WANTS me to just help myself. 

Love you honey.


Alison said…
That really bites. You'd think Coke learned their lesson that people like it the way it is. Poor Steven.

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