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Well, it's been a while! Of course it's because life is fast and busy and I'd have lots to blog about. The last post is about signing the kids up for a poetry recital. In true Tiffany fashion, I've actually not had the kids practice at all yet, and it's a month away. Jordan still insists that she's not doing it, and after I wrote that last blog post she took her poem and wrote in big letters across the page that she was NOT doing the recital, and that it's STUPID. Nine year olds are awesome. I told her today that tonight she is going to sit down and type it out so that we have a copy of it that isn't defaced, and then she's going to print it out and read it to me a couple of times. That'll learn her.

Jordan has been bugging for months to get her eyes tested again. Apparently she can't see the board at school unless she's sitting close to it. Last spring I took her for an eye test, and the doc said that she did have a small prescription, but that she could deal with it for another year without saddling her with glasses just yet, so I knew going into her eye exam last week that she'd be ordering glasses.

Choosing glasses with a kid, for a kid, is kind of harrowing. At first I was all excited because the kids rack of glasses were all under $200, including taxes and lenses. Pretty good deal, especially considering that our benefit plan will cover up to $300 for glasses for her.

Of course, my child has a ginormous head. So she was not allowed to choose from the kid rack, and lenses and taxes were NOT included.

I still told her that she could pretty much pick the ones she liked, as long as they weren't gold plated and horribly expensive. From there, trying to be supportive is kind of hard. I'd show her a cute pair, only to watch her reach for something less than cute, my internal monologue saying "Oh please no, not those not those not those...." To be honest, I didn't really like any of the glasses on her, and eventually I realized that it wasn't because they didn't look good on her, it was because I'm so used to seeing her without glasses. I'm a little sad that her look will change so much.

Also, she picked a slightly bigger pair than what I'm used to seeing on kids, because she felt they made her look like Harry Potter. That's exactly how I'd go into a glasses-choosing session. The eye-glass tech assures me that bigger glasses are actually coming back in. Anyway.

Things have been crazy lately. The boys' Saturday soccer wrapped up this past weekend, Elliot's last gymnastics session was last Wednesday and Jordan's last gymnastics session will be tonight. We've still got piano until the end of time. Spring soccer starts at the end of April as long as the fields are dry, so we've actually got a month of a lighter schedule before we begin four nights a week of soccer for two months. I actually really enjoy the four nights a week of soccer. It feels very spring/summer, and watching the kids get out there and run around in shorts and t-shirts and get all sweaty and winded and suntanned is my favorite. Steven has offered to assistant-coach the boys' team this year, so that'll be something new for us. The boys are on the same team (yay!) so it's possible for the first time to have him coach and not miss watching an entire soccer season for a different kid. The girls will play on opposite nights, so we'll wander back and forth between two fields for them.

On top of that the kids have been invited to multiple parties lately (turns out they're likeable. I kind of figured), and book club and this and that, and our calendar is just humming.

Everyone is doing well at school, and next week we bring home report cards, and the week after that is spring break (yay!).

I've been subbing almost every day, much to the dismay of Elliot who wants to have some home days with me, and they've been few and far between. I think she's ready for spring break too. Hopefully spring break is "springy." I'm pretty sure that last year spring break was kind of cold and miserable.

I've started booking camping trips. Rushing River is set for August, and I'm going to book something for May long. Jordan is going to summer camp for the first time this summer and she's so so so excited, and I'm really excited for her. It's the same camp I went to for years as a kid, and I can't wait for her to get to go too.

The weather is just making everything seem awesomer lately. We have definitely made it through the worst of winter, and even if we do get a little more snow or cold days, the -40 is gone, and it feels like summer is on the horizon. Can't wait.


Doris Gibbs said…
When I took my daughter to get her first pair of glasses, I felt the same way. I guess, I got lucky. I was dreading it, but the technician was honest, without totally siding with me. It totally helped steer my daughter into a better pair. She must have had kids because she knew exactly how to act.

Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes
Jamaal said…
I remember when I bought my son's first pair of glasses. Upon arriving at the store, I had no idea what style would suit him, let alone what type of lenses he needed. Fortunately a technician soon came to my rescue and we were gently guided to a great pair of glasses that suited his face and eyes. Problem solved!

Jamaal @ Eye Clinic London

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