brownie sleepover

Another high-quality iPhone picture!

Did you see what I did in that picture? I know. Hilarious.

Jordan and I spent the night "sleeping" in the Science Gallery (apparently we don't call it Touch the Universe anymore) with a hundred other "sleeping" girls from three different Girl Guide groups.

It was awesome - the museum part, not so much sleeping on the floor with a million other people, but the museum's sleepover program is fantastic. Each group was given an itinerary and a museum guide and had numerous stops to make. We watched a really good planetarium show, we sat in the auditorium and listened to a story teller (I loved this part), we toured the museum and spent a lot of time with a real live mummy (even if some of the littler kids freaked out when watching a video where the mummy turned all mushy and then skeletal, resulting in the kids having to go colour pictures in an area where they couldn't see the mummy, but where other tvs would still play the video if someone walked by and pushed the button. Again. I swear I didnt' think it was funny at all), we had a midnight pizza break, we watched a "scientist" give a fun presentation in which a lot of things were set on fire, and then when all was said and done the museum lights were turned off and we toured the whole place again with flashlights.

We finally chased all the girls to their blankets around 1am to "sleep."

I love museums. My kids love museums. I'm definitely in for this again next year.

Plus I already called dibs on sleeping in my van, so it's all good. 


Regan said…
That sounds like so much fun!

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