So I'm sitting outside of Craig Dunn

[I know, I just lost a lot of new readers by starting a sentence with 'so.' I'm okay with that.]

where I just brought the husband a donut and some coffee.

I put the van into reverse, my phone rings. It's Steven. "What are you doing?" he asks. Of course I'm not still sitting there ten minutes after he went back to work on their roof because I had two different text conversations going on.

"Driving, duh," I say, backing out.

He laughs. "Now what are you doing?"

"Backing up!" He's really kind of slow sometimes. It's not like I'm the worst backer-outer ever. "Tell me when to stop so I don't hit the building."

[This is really a service that should be provided at all business.]

"Okay, you have like twenty feet."

"No I don't. Just tell me."

"No really, you could just keep right on backing. Forever."


"Not forever. It's close. Just tell me."

Sure enough, a few seconds later I realized that I've completely backed/turned out of the spot without having to back-and-forth it. As if he was right.

And the kids cheered as we drove off when they realized Daddy was standing on the edge of the roof waving at them.

Love you honey.


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