My eldest daughter is a hoarder. I'm serious. I went into her room today to do a quick pick up and I figured I'd just go quickly through the closet and shelves, and of course every corner and surface available, and just toss or recycle things that had met their time.

There was so much crap.

Jordan keeps every slip of paper that ever met a crayon, everything scrap that was ever lovingly snipped with a piece of paper. The leftover scraps of paper that were cut off things she drew and needed to cut out. I found broken jewelery, torn teddy bears, a Subway container that used to contain cookies.

I also found about twenty assorted lids she must have rescued from the recycling bin. Milk jug lids, coke lids, lids from pickle jars. They are all precious.

They are now also all in the garbage.

Sometimes this house and the mess of the six people living here just seems so overwhelming.

This is not helped by the fact that they are hoarding junk.


Regan said…
Kennedy TOO!!!! It drives me up the wall.

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