ten random things

I should never title a post "ten random things" when I don't actually have ten things perched on the top of my head, but that's okay. Gives me purpose.

1. Tennyson is a bunny. For real. He has an egg carton bunny nose, some bunny ears, a bunny tail, and some pastel bunny whiskers. He also just ate a hard boiled egg and as I looked over and saw how full his mouth was I burst out laughing and then he laughed with his mouth wide open and I could see what looked like very drooly egg salad in there. Glamorous day.

2. Mitchie is NEVER going to wear his bunny nose AGAIN because apparently there is ear wax on the strap. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the mushy eggs all over his fingers.

3. Elliot's head, although substantial, is not big enough for bunny ears.

4. I babysat a little boy today who cried the whole forty minutes he was here. It was super fun. I'm sure it had nothing to do with me locking him in the hope chest and trying to have a nap.

5. Jordan really likes her new teacher. Her old teacher just left for maternity leave. I bet it doesn't decrease the number of times she ends up in the office. I think she's already been in the office more times this year than I was in my 13 years of school.

6. I totally get her naughtiness. I was the exact same kid, although I was a lot shyer about it at school.

7. I have a family gathering tomorrow. I said I'd bring dessert, but I don't actually have one in mind. I wonder if a shopping bag full of Easter bunnies would suffice.

8. I just took a giant break from this because I was on the phone. And people think SAHMs don't get a lot done. Ha! I also cleaned up lunch and I'm babysitting. Just because the baby is sleeping in her car seat doesn't mean it's not hard work.

9. I'm trying to count calories this week, and it sucks. I've never wanted a sack of mini eggs so badly in my life.

10. Steven's home for the next four days. I love Easter. Jordan's home for the next three days. I know that I of all people shouldn't admit this, but there's this huge part of me that wants to keep Jordan home for the fourth day.


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