day nine of the super fun verwey family flu, spring 2012

Today was day nine of the Super Fun Verwey Family Flu Spring of 2012 series. I'm so tired of it. It started last Friday with Mitchell, and then moved on to Tennyson on Monday and Elliot on Wednesday. Each kid throws up for a few days and then has diarrhea for a few more, and then throws up a few times a few days later just to make sure I appreciate it even more when it really is over. I'm over it. I was kind of over it before it even started, but now I'm over it for sure.

Ellie is probably having the worst time. I suspected that she had a UTI earlier this week and was going to try and collect a urine sample from her and bring it in for testing. On the morning that I was going to do this she started throwing up, so I figured getting her to drink lots of fluids and waiting for pee to magically appear in a cup under a non-potty-trained toddler would have to wait. By yesterday she was still fevered and throwing up and telling me that it was hot and hurt anytime she peed.

I took her to the doctor, and they tried twice to use a catheter but weren't successful. Ever since then she has cried on and off - more on than off I'd say. I think they must have hurt her when they did it, because she was sick the other day but was content to just doze in my lap most of the day. Now she squirms and cries. It's awful.

Today she finally nibbled some cheerios and drink some water and kept most of it down. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

Except that Jordan hasn't yet had the flu, nor have I - and we always have a turn.


Stephanie said…
Being sick is not fun for anybody! Hang in there you are doing everything you can and need to do for your family!
Tiffany said…
Thanks! I'm sure trying. Elliot ate a lot of oatmeal this morning and is now back in bed.

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